Axial Biotherapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company harnessing the link between the human gut microbiome and the Central Nervous System (CNS) to develop a new class of therapeutics to improve the quality of life for people with CNS diseases and disorders.

Scientific Discovery

Axial’s scientific co-founder Sarkis K. Mazmanian, Ph.D., and researchers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) discovered a novel causal-link between the gut microbiome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  Axial’s scientific co-founder has demonstrated that oral treatment of a mouse model of ASD with a human commensal bacterial therapy corrects gut permeability, restores a healthy microbial composition and ameliorates core behavioral symptoms of ASD.  In a PD mouse model, gut bacteria were shown to promote hallmark disease processes including inflammation of the nervous system and motor dysfunction. The findings suggest that targeting the gut microbiome may provide a new approach for diagnosing and treating ASD and PD.

Harnessing the Gut Microbiome for Neurological Disorders

Axial Biotherapeutics, leader of a paradigm shift in treating CNS disorders, has taken a radical departure from conventional neuroscience with its approach that treats disease through the gut-brain axis. In recent years, studies suggest a significant impact of the gut microbiome in human health and disease. Axial’s focus is to develop gut-selective, best-in-class therapies to treat CNS-based disorders by targeting the gastrointestinal tract.